Benefits of Commercial Boiler Maintenance

The boiler in your commercial building works hard to provide the heating required to sustain a comfortable interior. As with all mechanical equipment, the need for repair crops up occasionally, but you should invite a commercial HVAC contractor to your facility more often than just to conduct repairs—your boiler also requires routine tune-ups.

Before you decide to skip this important maintenance task, consider all the benefits you’ll miss.

Reduced Risk of Breakdowns

You have a business to run, and untimely boiler breakdowns are a nuisance. When your boiler stops working, you may be forced to temporarily shut down operations, which could significantly impact your profits for the day.

Help to avoid this scenario by scheduling commercial boiler maintenance once a year. A convenient appointment is preferable to a sudden breakdown at an inopportune time. During the inspection, a technician may run into developing problems that have yet to show symptoms. This gives the technician a chance to correct the developing problem, preventing a breakdown later on.

More Efficient Operation for a Longer Lifespan

All types of mechanical equipment are subject to wear and tear. By keeping your boiler running smoothly, you help it operate more efficiently, which reduces wear and tear and helps the equipment to last longer. This saves you money on premature replacements, not to mention your monthly energy bills.

Improved Comfort

Since a well-maintained boiler runs the way it should, you can expect it to contribute to a more comfortable interior, and this means your employees and patrons enjoy being in your building. This is vital for worker productivity and attracting repeat customers, both of which affect your bottom line.

High Return on Investment

You may hesitate to schedule maintenance, thinking you’ll save money by skipping this task. However, boiler maintenance always pays for itself, thanks in large part to the utility rebate you can claim. The next time you need a boiler tune-up, send us nameplate pictures. Then, we’ll generate an estimator sheet to show you:

  • Your utility rebate
  • Your annual energy savings in therms
  • Your annual cost savings in dollars
  • Your total project price
  • Your net price after rebate
  • Your simple payback period

If the cost of the tune-up is fully covered by the rebate, then the “payback period” will show INSTANT PAYBACK. Even if the cost of the boiler tune-up is more than the rebate, the payback period will show how quickly the tune-up will pay for itself.  This will be in months, not years.

Schedule Commercial Boiler Maintenance in Chicago

You have many options for maintaining your boiler, but only Murphy & Miller offers unmatched experience and longevity. Indeed, our reputation for delivering exceptional boiler services has allowed us to stay in business for over 80 years.

The next time you need a routine tune-up for your boiler, trust our reputable team for the job. We’ll expertly employ every inspection so you can enjoy the above benefits to the fullest. To learn more, or to schedule services, please contact us today!