Commercial Boiler Repair in Chicago

If your commercial building uses a boiler for water or space heating, it’s easy to assume the equipment will always work the way it was intended to. However, a malfunction or breakdown could leave you with high heating costs or disruptions to your daily operations. That’s why you should schedule commercial boiler repair as soon as you notice something is wrong.

Choose Murphy & Miller for a job well done and the fewest interruptions possible to your daily operations. We proudly serve the Chicago area with over 80 years of HVAC and boiler service experience.

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Signs You Need Commercial Boiler Repair

Sometimes, your boiler malfunctions noticeably. Other times, problems are harder to spot. By knowing when to call a commercial boiler technician, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars or more by avoiding higher operating costs, more in-depth repairs, or even a boiler replacement. Keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Yellow burner flame: Natural gas boilers should have a steady blue flame, not a flickering yellow one. If you notice this problem, don’t take it lightly, as it could indicate a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.
  • Odd sounds: While commercial boilers don’t operate noiselessly, you’re bound to notice if it starts sounding louder than usual. This is a sign you should act fast before the source of the noise turns into something more serious.
  • Strange smells: Burning or foul odors coming from your boiler indicate improper combustion. Take these smells seriously to avoid putting your employees and building at risk.
  • Sluggish operation: If your industrial boiler fails to heat up as quickly as it used to, it may be time for a repair!
  • Increased operating costs: Rising energy prices are sometimes the reason for higher heating expenses, but it’s also possible that your boiler is simply performing poorly. A quick once-over from a knowledgeable repair technician will reveal what’s wrong.

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Our Commercial Boiler Repair Services

You count on your commercial boiler the most when the temperature drops outside. A breakdown is certainly inconvenient, but it may be dangerous as well. That’s why you should count on Murphy & Miller for our timely boiler repairs. Our experienced team knows how to diagnose problems and get your commercial boiler back up and running quickly. The goal is to provide you with a fast, accurate repair and long-lasting results that deliver superior boiler function for lower energy bills.

If we think you could benefit from a boiler replacement, we’ll suggest this option and break down the cost-effectiveness of a repair vs. replacement. If you decide to install a new boiler, we can perform this task up to your high expectations.

Emergency Boiler Repair

Boiler breakdowns don’t always occur during regular business hours. At Murphy & Miller, we understand that repairs can’t always wait. When you have an emergency on your hands, call us anytime—day or night, weekend or holiday—and we’ll promptly dispatch an HVAC technician to perform 24-hour emergency boiler repair services.

Call us at 1-312-427-8900 right away if you have a boiler emergency.

Schedule Commercial Boiler Repair in Chicago

The next time your boiler acts up, you know who to call! Murphy & Miller is a top commercial and industrial HVAC repair specialist in Chicago, delivering exceptional customer service and repair work for the past eight decades. Despite our long history, we remain a family-owned business that always puts our customers’ needs first.

If your commercial boiler requires a repair, please contact Murphy & Miller today to schedule services in Chicago!