Commercial Boiler Replacement in Chicago

Boilers are known for their ability to deliver efficient, dependable heating. However, as with all mechanical equipment, they can’t last forever. If your commercial boiler is reaching the end of its lifespan, it’s time to schedule replacement services with Murphy & Miller, Inc. Our goal isn’t just to replace your boiler—it’s to provide you with the most efficient heating solution possible to lower your operating costs and bolster your bottom line.

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When Is it Time for a Commercial Boiler Replacement?

Are you fed up with your aging boiler’s subpar performance? Perhaps you’re unwilling to pay a hefty repair cost. Here’s a rundown of all the signs that indicate when it’s time for a commercial boiler replacement:

  • Old age: With proper maintenance, commercial boilers should last at least 15 years. After this, efficiency tends to decline rapidly, often making a replacement a cost-effective decision.
  • Frequent breakdowns: If you’re tired of requesting boiler services every other week during the heating season, it’s time to retire your unreliable equipment and replace it with a dependable model.
  • Strange sounds: Before you jump to conclusions, schedule a boiler repair. Then, if the noises end up pointing to something serious, you may need to replace the equipment.
  • Comfort complaints: The temperature in your building is important, whether you’re facilitating a comfortable work environment or maintaining the right operating conditions for industrial equipment. If your boiler can no longer maintain a steady temperature, start shopping for a replacement.
  • Rising energy bills: Low efficiency leads to higher operating costs. A new, high-efficiency boiler could pay you back in just a few years thanks to lower energy bills.
  • Unsafe operation: If you discover something detrimental like a carbon monoxide leak, replace your boiler to prevent endangering your employees.

Our Commercial Boiler Replacement Services

For a high-quality boiler replacement, turn to Murphy & Miller. We have over 80 years of industry experience, and with our careful attention to detail, you know we’ll perform a job well done.

  • Every boiler replacement begins with a thorough system evaluation. We spot areas where your heating performance is lacking and suggest ways to make improvements.
  • Next, we carefully size your new boiler since there’s no guarantee your old equipment was sized for maximum efficiency.
  • Then, we help you compare different manufacturers and efficiency ratings. We’ll ensure you have all the information you need to make the most economical choice for your business.
  • Finally, we design your system for maximum performance and comfort. Our goal is to help you heat your building as affordably as possible.

Commercial Boiler Retrofits

Sometimes, boilers benefit tremendously from retrofitting. If our initial system evaluation reveals that your boiler has several good years left, we may recommend a retrofit. This addresses the problems associated with aging components, changes in heating needs, or switching fuel sources.

We’re pleased to offer commercial boiler retrofits as one of our specialties. The end goal is to make changes to your building and heating equipment that improve efficiency and lower your operating costs. Combine these services with advice from a free energy audit to minimize your expenses like never before.

Schedule Commercial Boiler Replacement in Chicago

Over the past eight decades, we have built a reputation for excellence and unparalleled customer service. Despite our long history, we remain a family-owned business that always puts customers first. We’re certain you’ll be satisfied with the results of your commercial boiler replacement.

To get your boiler replacement underway, please contact Murphy & Miller today. We’re eager to be your commercial heating partner!