Burner Replacement in Chicago, IL

Industrial Boiler Replacement

A well-maintained boiler is a vital asset for commercial business owners in Chicago. Since 1936, Murphy & Miller has been a chosen HVAC company in Chicago offering industrial boiler and boiler burner services.

If you heat your Chicago business with a boiler, the condition of the burner and associated controls largely determine the system’s efficiency. Industrial burner replacement services can be essential to postpone a full boiler replacement and reduce overall operating costs.

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Industrial Burner Replacement Services

Many older boilers in service today don’t perform at their peak. Even if they did, today’s high-efficiency boilers feature significant improvements compared to their aging predecessors, including computer-aided design tools, metallurgical enhancements, and more efficient and reliable boiler systems.

The most striking advancement of all can be seen in today’s burners. Many times, we can retrofit older boilers with new burners to drastically improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and prevent the need to have industrial boiler replacement services. With this upgrade, you have the potential to save thousands in unnecessary fuel expenses and exceed regulatory requirements for heating emissions in your industry.

Is Industrial Burner or Boiler Replacement Right for Me?

You may be eligible for a burner replacement if the pressure vessel and other vital components of your existing boiler are in good shape. In cases where your boiler is beyond repair, we offer industrial boiler replacement services and can recommend efficient and reliable alternatives.

At your consultation for burner and boiler services, a knowledgeable Murphy & Miller technician can visit your site, assess your heating system, and recommend the best course of action for improving performance, which may include replacing the burner.

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Problems with Aging Burners

Old boilers adjust fuel and air flowing to the burner with mechanical linkages. These often don’t function well if the demand for steam or hot water is below 35 percent load. The required purges and reheating cycles can be incredibly inefficient.

What’s more, mechanical linkages respond slowly, meaning the fuel-air mixture is often inaccurate. To improve precision, correct weakened joints, and tighten loose screws, old burners must be checked and rebalanced regularly.

Mechanical linkages are also associated with hysteresis or linkage slop. This is when the burner operates in a rich or lean condition that leads to inefficient fuel consumption. As the system ages and experiences more wear and tear, linkage slop increases, even when the control is calibrated as accurately as possible.

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Overcoming Boiler Inefficiencies with Burner Replacement

The key to eliminating problems with your aging burner is to replace it with one that doesn’t use mechanical linkages. Many new burners use controls with parallel positioning systems, which move into a preset position according to the system’s fuel and air flow needs. With such precision and repeatability, new burners achieve the ideal fuel flow for the required heating load.

Another beneficial aspect of new burners and controls is their ability to optimize combustion in response to changing atmospheric conditions or variations in fuel pressure. This is possible thanks to exhaust oxygen feedback, which works similarly to oxygen sensors in vehicle exhaust systems. This results in stable firing at a lower fuel consumption level, allowing for greater turndown ratios and reduced boiler cycling.

Schedule Boiler Burner Replacement in Chicago

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits associated with replacing your boiler’s burner and associated controls, please call Murphy & Miller to schedule services. With over 80 years of experience, you can trust us to recommend the best retrofits to improve your boiler’s efficiency and reduce emissions.

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