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Industrial Boiler Installation, Repair, or Replacement Services

Do you heat your industrial building with a boiler? One of the most critical components of this heating system is the burner. After all, when you need your boiler to perform efficiently, the burner is often what demands attention first. That’s why Murphy & Miller offers services dedicated to helping you get the most out of your boiler burner. Whether your goal is to save money or comply with tightening industry regulations—we can help!

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Our Commercial Boiler & Burner Services

We optimize, retrofit, inspect, and maintain boilers from all major brands that operate on today’s most popular fuel sources, including natural gas, oil, and coal. The goal of our industrial burner services is to keep your business code compliant and to help you avoid the need for emergency boiler repair. We offer the following boiler burner services in Chicago:

Burner Optimization, Replacement & Installation Services

It’s likely that your boiler isn’t performing at its full potential. Especially as we head into winter when your heating needs are at their highest, it’s important to have your boiler burner serviced to improve its performance, increase its efficiency, and potentially save thousands in unnecessary fuel expenses.

At Murphy & Miller, we take great pride in our ability to optimize boiler burner systems. We focus on essential burner and control components to achieve optimal, fuel-efficient combustion that meets your cost goals and emission standards—all while ensuring safe and reliable operation. From carefully inspecting the fuel flow, air flow, and swirl level, to optimizing the turn-down rate—our burner optimization techniques garner immediate and long-term results for your business.

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Burner Retrofitting Services

Today’s strict emissions standards may have you exploring the possibility of installing a new industrial boiler. However, burner retrofitting services from Murphy & Miller may be enough to keep your heating equipment in compliance with natural gas, oil, and coal-fired boiler regulations. A retrofit performed by our certified HVAC professionals can help you maximize the performance of your equipment much more affordably than replacing your entire boiler.

We have experience repairing, retrofitting and upgrading burners, controls, and other essential boiler combustion components. Our services may include replacing feed tubes, spin vanes, regulating rods, impellers, the diffuser, and oil atomizer as needed to meet or exceed emission standards.

You may be eligible for a burner retrofit if your pressure vessel is in good shape, but you still need to improve efficiency and lower your emissions. New burner technologies are coming onto the market every day, and we can retrofit a new burner onto your existing boiler to help you achieve your efficiency and carbon footprint goals.

Burner Maintenance & Inspections

The trick to keeping your boiler up and running is to inspect and maintain the burner regularly. We recommend scheduling professional services to prevent breakdowns and to keep performance at the highest possible level. Burner maintenance from Murphy & Miller includes:

  • Inspecting and cleaning igniter and atomizer components
  • Soot blowing the heat transfer surface at an optimal frequency
  • Taking steps to minimize air leakage and ensure proper boiler combustion

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Nothing gives you peace of mind like knowing your boiler burners are performing at their peak efficiency for code compliance and energy savings. To enjoy this peace of mind for yourself, please call Murphy & Miller and schedule burner services today. Our experience serving industrial customers in Chicago dates back over 80 years, so you know we’re capable of delivering a job well done during every service call.

Our commercial HVAC company is based in Chicago and offers commercial burner services throughout the areas of Arlington Heights, Bloomington, Chicago, Cicero, Des Plaines, East Chicago, East Peoria, Elk Grove Village, Evanston, Lansing, Naperville, North Chicago, Oak Lawn, Oak Park, Peoria, Rockford, Rosemont, and West Chicago, Illinois. We also service Gary, Indiana.

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