Commercial Heater Repair in Chicago

When the commercial heater in your Chicago building breaks down, you must act fast to get everything back up and running again. After all, on a chilly Chicago day, it doesn’t take long for your retail space, commercial real estate property, educational facility, or other commercial building to become uncomfortable. To ensure your employees, customers, and tenants aren’t left out in the cold—schedule professional commercial furnace repair or general heating repair services from Murphy & Miller, Inc.

To schedule commercial heating repair in Chicago, please contact Murphy & Miller at 1-312-427-8900 today!

Commercial Heating Repair Services in Chicago

Large industrial buildings and commercial complexes require high-tech electric, gas, steam, or hot water heating systems to keep every room equally comfortable during Chicago’s harsh winter. This is why you should only trust a qualified commercial heating contractor to conduct repairs. At Murphy & Miller, we have over 80 years of industry experience proving our services to meet our clients’ needs every time. In fact, we’re often able to leave heating systems in better condition than we found them. That’s just one way we go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Here are the most common commercial heating repairs we perform:

Commercial Furnace Repair

If your furnace goes out, any number of problems could be to blame. First, make sure the unit is receiving power and the thermostat is set correctly. If these troubleshooting tips don’t help, contact Murphy & Miller to perform a repair. Our expert team can diagnose the problem accurately the first time around and offer a cost-effective solution.

Commercial Boiler Repair

Commercial boilers are large, complex systems that may malfunction in several ways. If you notice odd sounds or smells, sluggish operation, or increased operating costs—give us a call at 1-312-427-8900 before the problem worsens. Our skilled technicians will troubleshoot the issue and explain what we find, along with the associated cost to fix it, before the boiler repair begins.

Commercial Heat Pump Repair

When your commercial heat pump stops working, you need a repair to get it functioning again. Our team has experience servicing heat pumps of all brands and we strive to repair your equipment the first time around so you can return to business as usual without scheduling a return visit.

Commercial Steam & Hot Water Heating System Repair

Steam and hot water radiators may be an effective way to heat your commercial building, but when the system breaks down, you need an experienced technician to perform the repair. We’ll get your equipment functioning again and suggest upgrades, such as insulating the piping, to improve efficiency for the remainder of the heating season.

Emergency Commercial Heating Repair

We understand that furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and water heaters don’t always break down at convenient times. Whether your system malfunctions on Friday evening or in the middle of a holiday weekend, it may not be possible to wait until regular business hours to schedule a repair.

Don’t worry—Murphy & Miller is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to perform the emergency heating system repair you need in a timely manner. Call us at 1-312-427-8900 as soon as you notice a problem with your heating equipment, and we’ll promptly dispatch a qualified HVAC technician to take care of it.

Request Commercial Heating Repair in Chicago

Now you know who to call the next time your commercial heater stops working properly! Murphy & Miller is proud to be among the top commercial and industrial HVAC repair specialists in Chicago, so put your trust in our eight decades of experience and unwavering commitment to customer service.

For a fast, affordable repair, contact Murphy & Miller the next time your commercial furnace or boiler breaks down!