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Does your commercial building in Chicago contain HVACR equipment that operates on R-22 refrigerant? The ozone-depleting qualities of this coolant have led to an international phase-out, the final deadline of which is set for 2019. As time runs out for R-22, it’s time for you to convert your system to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Choose Murphy & Miller for the commercial refrigerant conversion you need. We provide this and related refrigeration services for commercial and industrial buildings in the Chicago area.

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Should I Convert My Refrigerant System?

Refrigerant conversion could be the right choice if the following conditions are true:

  • You want to avoid dealing with increasingly tighter R-22 regulations. Because of the environmental impact of R-22, strict rules are in place for systems that continue to run on this coolant beyond the official phase-out date. This could add to your company’s regulatory requirements, consuming more time and resources than it’s worth.
  • The price of a refrigerant conversion is less than the long-term cost to continue running your R-22 system. An upfront investment is required to perform a refrigerant conversion, but with accurate calculations, you can determine if this provides cost savings over continuing to leak test, repair, and operate your outdated R-22 system, especially as phased-out R-22 becomes more expensive and remaining supplies dwindle.
  • You expect your HVACR system to operate for several more years. Refrigerant conversion is only cost effective if your equipment still has several good years left. Otherwise, a system retrofit or replacement might make more sense.

The Commercial Refrigerant Conversion Process

Due to compatibility issues, converting to a new refrigerant isn’t as simple as draining and refilling the coils. When we switch your R-22 system to a cleaner alternative, here are the steps involved:

  • Deplete the R-22 charge.
  • Replace the compressor, evaporator, and condenser with mechanical components designed to run with the new refrigerant.
  • Clean, flush, and dry the copper lines. If this is not possible, replace the lines.
  • Remove all moisture and test all line connections for leaks.
  • Charge the system with new refrigerant.

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Refrigerant Leak Detection & Analysis

If your R-22 equipment is running efficiently, you don’t need to convert to a new refrigerant immediately. However, leak tests are critical to prevent performance issues and inadvertently harming the environment. If we detect a leak, this could signal that now is the time for a refrigerant conversion. This decision would allow you to avoid the cost of recharging the R-22 system and get up to date with the latest regulations.

Murphy & Miller also performs refrigerant analysis services to ensure that the recovered, recycled, and reclaimed refrigerant is pure and uncontaminated before you recharge your system with it. Our techniques are eco-friendly and meet all provisions of the Clean Air Act.

Schedule Commercial Refrigerant Conversion in Chicago

Whether you’re confident you want to convert your refrigerant, or you still need help making cost comparisons, let the experts at Murphy & Miller help. With over 80 years of experience serving the Chicago area with outstanding refrigerant services, you know you can trust us to help you make the best decision for your company.

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