Cooling Tower Services in Chicago

If you operate a commercial or industrial Chicago building that uses water for cooling purposes, your facility may require one or more cooling towers. The cylindrical design of a cooling tower is somewhat hourglass-shaped and features steam rising out of the top. Those used in everyday businesses, however, may look a bit different since they sit on the building’s roof.

The purpose of a cooling tower is to serve as specialized heat exchanger that brings water and air together to reduce the temperature of the water circulating through the tower. When paired with chillers, cooling towers make it possible to air condition large spaces.

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Types of Commercial Cooling Towers

With various potential applications for commercial cooling towers, numerous sizes and designs are available today. If you’re unsure which one is right for your industrial building in Chicago, let Murphy & Miller provide the guidance you need to make the proper selection.

Your primary options include:

  • Natural draft cooling towers: With no mechanical fans present, natural draft cooling towers rely on convection to circulate air throughout the tower. Warm, moist air naturally rises, while dry, cool air sinks, creating a constant flow of air without electricity consumption.
  • Induced draft cooling towers: This type of tower uses a fan or other mechanics to actively blow air through the tower. This is a more efficient water-cooling method, but it costs more to operate.

There are two types of induced draft cooling towers:

  • Crossflow cooling towers: In this configuration, water flows down into the cooling tower from distribution basins located at the top. As the water flows vertically through the fill, air blows horizontally across the falling water. The newly cooled liquid is collected in a tank at the base of the tower to circulate back into the building’s chiller.
  • Counterflow cooling towers: With this design, water flows downward, and air blows vertically upward against the flow of water. Low-pressure spray nozzles divide hot water evenly over the infill surface, improving efficiency. Counterflow cooling towers tend to be more compact, less prone to freezing, and better at conserving energy than crossflow models.

Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Cooling Towers

Routine service is needed to keep cooling towers performing at their peak, especially if they feature an induced draft design. Murphy & Miller offers this service to help minimize the costs associated with operating your cooling towers.

Regular cooling tower cleaning is highly recommended to protect the system’s energy efficiency and, consequently, your bottom line. With regular cleanings, our technicians are able to remove the buildup of calcium deposits and other debris that would otherwise affect the natural evaporation and efficiency of the cooling tower.

Schedule Commercial Cooling Services in Chicago

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