Energy Surveys & Analyses in Chicago, IL

Is it time to complete a commercial energy audit at your building? If you’ve noticed increasing heating and cooling costs or that it’s taking more to heat or cool your building, you may be overdue for an energy audit. At Murphy & Miller, our HVAC technicians can help you save more on your heating and cooling systems by conducting a thorough energy survey and analysis of your current systems.

Do you have a clear idea of your building’s current energy consumption and expenditures? Whether you manage an industrial building, a hospital, or even a school, having the data to understand where your heating and cooling costs are coming from can help you save significantly more on operating your heating and cooling systems.

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What Is a Commercial Energy Survey?

When you make energy efficiency a focus of managing your HVAC system, the results can reveal themselves as a huge payoff. At Murphy & Miller, we provide dependable energy services you can rely on for long-term results that focus on making your HVAC system more efficient.

Our commercial energy surveys are designed to assess your building’s energy usage, identify its performance problems, and determine opportunities to eliminate problems and improve your building’s energy efficiency.

At Murphy & Miller, we offer three tiers of energy surveys to provide you with a custom energy audit analysis. Take a look at our popular energy audit services:

  • A Level I Energy Audit – Our HVAC contractors conduct a basic building walk-through to determine areas that are ideal for heating and cooling energy optimization. As part of this energy audit, we will look into your property’s utility bill history and review the building and its energy systems. In a level I energy audit, the primary objective is to provide you with low- or no-cost energy conservation measures that you and your staff can immediately put to use.
  • A Level II Energy Audit – During a level II energy audit, Murphy & Miller professionals will provide a more thorough site survey complete with an energy use analysis. During this process, we can benchmark your building’s energy performance and compare it to similar buildings nearby. Because we’re able to break down your energy consumption by end use, you can easily determine which areas of operation will benefit the most from energy optimization.
  • A Level III Energy Audit – Finally, our most intensive energy audit is the level III audit, which is used to study your building’s energy usage over time and collect long-term data through your building energy management system. We typically reserve this audit for complex commercial and industrial properties where a specific economic payback analysis is advised.

Schedule an Energy Analysis in Chicago

If you think your commercial building is losing at least some of its heating and cooling energy to waste, getting to the bottom of the issue can contribute to significant savings in the future. At Murphy & Miller, we highly recommend performing an energy audit, where we can survey and analyze your commercial HVAC systems to ensure that they are working at their optimal efficiency.

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