Industrial Exhaust Fan Services in Chicago

Exhaust fans are among the most widely used HVAC equipment in commercial and industrial buildings in Chicago. Whether you operate a hospital, warehouse, school, manufacturing plant, bakery, paint shop, parking garage, or commercial kitchen, you need some type of exhaust fan to keep air moving and encourage a higher air exchange rate.

If you need an industrial exhaust fan installed in your property, or your existing equipment is acting up, trust Murphy & Miller, Inc. to perform the services you need. We deliver exemplary results to every customer every time. Once the job is complete, you can expect a healthier, more ventilated space for your employees’ and customers’ benefit.

To schedule industrial exhaust fan services in the Chicago area, please contact Murphy & Miller at 1-312-427-8900 to request an estimate.

Purpose of Industrial Exhaust Fans

Whether in a commercial or residential setting, the goal of running an exhaust fan is essentially the same—to draw stale air out of the building and encourage fresh air to enter. Industrial settings are more likely to have hot, moist, smelly, polluted, or even hazardous air that must be removed for health and safety reasons. Industrial exhaust fans with heavy-duty construction, materials, and gauges are up to the task.

Types of Industrial Exhaust Fans

Many different exhaust fans are available to suit a variety of industrial settings. The type you should install depends on the application you have in mind, the accessible mounting configuration, and the airflow conditions present. Some of your options for venting industrial buildings include:

  • Centrifugal blowers and axial fans
  • Belt drive and direct drive exhaust fans
  • Cabinet exhaust fans
  • Exterior mount exhaust fans
  • Hazardous location exhaust fans
  • Shutter- and guard-mounted exhaust fans
  • Wall and roof exhaust fans
  • Bathroom ventilation fans
  • Utility ventilator fans

Our Industrial Exhaust Fan Services

Call Murphy & Miller for any services related to industrial exhaust fans. We offer the following to our Chicago-area clients:

  • Industrial exhaust fan installation and replacement – The importance of selecting the proper exhaust fan size and style can’t be overstated, especially for applications with hazardous or flammable fumes. The HVAC professionals at Murphy & Miller will ensure you make the best selection for your industrial building. Then, we’ll perform an expert installation complete with custom ductwork fabrication if needed.
  • Industrial exhaust fan repair – When the safety of your building relies on functional ventilation equipment, you can’t put off repair services if something breaks down. Murphy & Miller is here for you with emergency industrial exhaust fan repair available at your request. We’ll have your system back up and running as quickly as possible to minimize downtime for your business.
  • Industrial exhaust fan maintenance – Avoid the inconvenience and potential hazards of exhaust fan failures by performing routine maintenance. A bit of cleaning and balancing goes a long way toward keeping your ventilation system functioning properly at all times.

Schedule Industrial Exhaust Fan Services in Chicago

As Chicago’s leading commercial HVAC specialist, Murphy & Miller is highly qualified to perform the industrial exhaust fan services you require. We’ll maximize the air quality in your building to ensure a safe, healthy place to work.

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