Commercial HVAC Filters for Chicago Businesses

Industrial HVAC Filter Maintenance & Replacement

Does your commercial facility use forced-air heating and cooling to keep the building comfortable? If so, air filters are an essential part of your HVAC system. This may seem like a trivial component that doesn’t require much attention, but in reality, ignoring your HVAC filter could have significant repercussions on your building maintenance plan.

To avoid costly equipment breakdowns, higher-than-necessary heating and cooling bills, and disruptions to your daily business activities, follow advice from Murphy & Miller on using and changing your commercial HVAC filter.

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Purpose of Industrial & Commercial HVAC Filters

The air filter fits inside the ductwork near your commercial furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump. The goal is to trap contaminants floating around in the air, including dust, hair, fibers, pollen, dander, and other debris. High-efficiency filters also trap microscopic pollutants, such as bacteria and viruses that spread disease around your building.

Removing airborne particles from the building serves two primary purposes. First and foremost, it prevents solid materials from settling on sensitive HVAC equipment where it could cause damage. Secondly, if the filter is efficient enough, it improves indoor air quality to make your building healthier and more comfortable for your employees and customers to spend time in.

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Installing Commercial HVAC Filters

Various HVAC filters are compatible with commercial HVAC systems, including:

  • Fiberglass filters – Inexpensive throwaway filters offer basic filtration capabilities to protect your HVAC equipment, but they have no significant effect on indoor air quality.
  • Pleated filters – These have a higher efficiency rating than fiberglass filters for superior pollutant-trapping abilities.
  • High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters – The most efficient filters are capable of capturing up to 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns wide. These are called HEPA filters, which are appropriate for use in aircrafts, clean rooms, healthcare facilities, and anywhere else clean air is essential.

How Often Should I Change the Air Filters?

The recommended change-out frequency for commercial air filters varies widely. It depends on how often your HVAC system runs, how much dust is in the air, and how efficient your corresponding air cleaning systems are.

For instance, retail stores, offices, and other small businesses may need to replace the filter every three months. Then again, air filters in high-volume restaurants may need to be changed every one to two months. Industrial facilities with heavy smoke, soot, or other airborne contaminants might require a massive filtration system with filter changes once a week. To find out how often you should replace the air filter in your building, contact Murphy & Miller with your questions.

HVAC Air Filter Replacement

Replacing the HVAC filter may seem like an inconvenience you would rather avoid, but the benefits greatly outweigh the hassle. Consider that clean air filters promote adequate airflow to prevent the system from working harder than necessary. This minimizes malfunctions and breakdowns and decreases operational costs. Plus, if you choose a filter with a high-efficiency rating, changing it frequently ensures it continues to capture and hold as many contaminants as possible.

Schedule HVAC Filter Services in Chicago

Whether you want to purchase a stockpile of filters for your building or you need help learning how to replace your commercial HVAC air filter, Murphy & Miller can help. We proudly offer filter services to our industrial and commercial customers in Chicago. Let us help you maximize the performance of your heating and cooling system by handling all your HVAC needs!

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