Choose Murphy & Miller for HVACR Mechanical and Technical Services in Chicago

If you own a commercial or industrial business in the Greater Chicago area, you may have high costs associated with operating your HVACR mechanical systems. Murphy & Miller is here to help minimize those costs with effective system design, efficient installation, and ongoing maintenance and repair services to keep the system in good working order. We continue to deliver the same level of quality and consistency we’ve been offering customers for more than 80 years.

To learn more about using Murphy & Miller as your full-service provider for HVACR design, installation, and ongoing services, please contact us now at 1-312-427-8900.

HVACR Services

Our primary offerings revolve around HVACR services. When you choose Murphy & Miller to meet your needs, you enjoy the simplicity of having a single point of contact from the initial design and installation to ongoing maintenance visits and future system upgrades. Trust us to provide:

  • HVACR design/build: Our team of skilled engineers can design and build turn-key systems with energy-saving designs that will serve your commercial or industrial building for many years.
  • HVACR installation/replacement: Whether you need a custom system installed or your current equipment retrofitted with upgrades, we have you covered. HVACR redesigns and retrofits are among our specialties.
  • HVACR repair: If your system needs repair, we have the vast experience necessary to handle the job. We also understand the importance of having a correctly operating HVACR system, so we offer 24-hour emergency repair services when needed.
  • HVACR maintenance: Sign up for a maintenance and inspection contract from Murphy & Miller to help keep your HVACR system up and running. Our maintenance contract renewal rate is over 95%—an industry rarity.

Energy Services

HVACR energy bills are a major component of building ownership costs. To help manage and minimize these costs, we offer energy services to our existing HVACR clients at no additional cost! We can help you:

  • Save energy by recommending conservation measures
  • Apply for utility rebates
  • Create an “energy baseline” to spot building performance problems and measure savings after implementing conservation tips
  • Benchmark your building’s performance to see how your energy usage compares to similar buildings

Service and Building Maintenance

Our goal is to help make your building run smoothly for efficient performance and low energy costs. Ongoing service and building maintenance is the key to enduring energy savings. When you hire Murphy & Miller to update or install the HVACR system in your commercial or industrial building, you can expect:

  • A thorough building evaluation
  • Unmatched system design and workmanship
  • State-of-the-art energy control and cost efficiency
  • Maintenance sustainability

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Your building may have unique ductwork needs. Instead of making due with one-size-fits-all pieces, Murphy & Miller employs a specialized sheet metal fabrication department to expertly craft custom ductwork as per your building’s specifications.

Bringing this service in-house decreases the time and cost associated with special orders. Plus, custom pipefitting and sheet metal fabrication lower HVACR operating costs over time by improving the efficiency of heated and cooled air delivery. If you care about lowering the operating and maintenance costs of your HVACR system, Murphy & Miller’s sheet metal work is the best in the business.

Commercial & Industrial Service for HVACR Mechanical Systems in Chicago

Since 1936, commercial and industrial business owners in the Greater Chicago area have turned to us and stayed with us because they know they can count on Murphy & Miller to meet their HVACR system performance and efficiency needs. With our wide scope of services and vast experience, you can trust us to exceed your expectations.

When you’re ready to work with a reliable HVACR partner, please contact Murphy & Miller at 1-312-427-8900.