HVAC Services for Healthcare FacilitiesMurphy & Miller HVACR Services for Healthcare markets

After over 80 years of delivering excellent commercial HVAC services, we have earned the trust of many healthcare facilities in the Chicago area. It takes a special type of company to develop the skills and processes necessary to maintain, repair, and optimize healthcare facility heating and cooling equipment, and at Murphy & Miller, we’ve done just that!

24-Hour Service for Your Hospital’s HVAC Equipment

We know the health of your patients and productivity of your doctors and nurses depend on 24/7 heating and air conditioning. That’s why we take a proactive approach to HVAC maintenance and offer around-the-clock availability when you have an emergency.

Our 24-hour response team has been a hallmark of our company since its inception over eight decades ago. Our ability to ensure maximum uptime for hospital HVAC equipment remains one of our most desired assets among our healthcare industry clients. With our large fleet of certified technicians, we’re able to confidently ensure quick responses that help contribute to positive clinical outcomes.

Maintenance for Healthcare HVAC Systems

We believe your heating and cooling system should work as hard as your staff to ensure patient comfort at your hospital. Of course, routine maintenance is the key to keeping your equipment up and running without interruption. Count on Murphy & Miller for regular tune-ups to help your system run more efficiently, break down less often, and last years longer.

Indoor air quality is especially important for hospitals and doctors’ offices, where health is virtually the sole priority. Regular maintenance helps ensure that your air is filtered through clean equipment that is performing at peak efficiency. Routine HVAC maintenance can help reduce the bacteria, mold, animal dander, and allergens like pollen that may be circulating throughout your building.

We make it easy to remember your system’s maintenance requirements—just sign up for a maintenance and inspection contract for automatic reminders and savings. We tailor the terms of your agreement to meet your hospital’s needs. Our clients are so pleased with the services we provide that our contract renewal rate is over 95%—an industry rarity.

Lower Your Hospital’s Operating CostsMurphy & Miller HVACR Services for Healthcare facilities

Making long-term performance goals for your hospital is the key to keeping your operating costs in check. If you want to improve efficiency, but you’re not sure how, turn to Murphy & Miller for help. We offer comprehensive energy services to optimize performance at your healthcare facility.

It all starts with an energy audit, which we use to create a list of priorities and areas to improve upon in your existing system. We then offer our expert advice to combat performance problems and calculate the ROI to help you select the most cost-effective improvements possible. Finally, we implement your chosen optimizations, which may include updating equipment parts, fabricating new ductwork for your facility, or implementing an HVAC energy management system.

Once we’ve helped you achieve a more efficient hospital, we’ll assist you in finding the Energy Rebates you’re eligible for through ComEd, Nicor, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas, or DCEO. This lowers your operating costs even more!

Choose Murphy & Miller for Healthcare HVAC Services in Chicago

Look to our experienced team for matchless customer service, 24-hour emergency response, and HVAC optimizations that will reduce your operating costs for years to come! To schedule an energy audit or other services, please contact Murphy & Miller today.