HVACR Services for Industrial PropertiesMurphy & Miller HVACR Services for Industrial-stacks

Murphy & Miller, Inc. has over 80 years of experience providing HVAC services to industrial building owners in Chicago. In that time, we have serviced every type of system imaginable at countless sites in and around the Chicagoland area. We are confident we can help your facility reach higher energy efficiency and performance standards.

We Make Industrial Buildings Safe

One of our primary goals is to make your environment safe and comfortable for your workers. This helps keep morale up among team members and reduces the chance of costly worker’s compensation lawsuits. All Murphy & Miller personnel have completed the following safety training for the purpose of benefiting our clients’ buildings and employees:

  • OSHA 10 Hour Certification
  • Aerial Lift Training
  • Certificate of CFC Qualification (Universal)
  • Puron Certification
  • Tested & Trained in Procedures Involving Confined Spaces
  • Qualified Crane Signal Person and Qualified Rigger
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash Protection Training
  • Fall Protections Training
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Mold Response / Water Intrusion Management
  • Lockout / Tagout Training
  • Hazard Communication Program (HAZCOM 2013)
  • City of Chicago Scaffold Training
  • Assured Grounding / GFCI Program

We Improve HVAC Equipment Longevity with MaintenanceMurphy & Miller HVACR Services for Industrial-warehouse

The purpose of maintaining your industrial HVAC equipment is to help it run smoothly, break down less often, and last longer. It’s no surprise that an HVAC system can last years longer if it receives the proper professional attention.

To simplify your building’s maintenance schedule, Murphy & Miller offers maintenance and inspection contracts. We tailor the terms of your agreement to meet the needs of your industrial HVAC system. Our clients are so pleased with the services we provide that our contract renewal rate is over 95%—an industry rarity.

We Help Lower the Operating Costs of Industrial Buildings

The high energy consumption rate of large industrial sites means that optimizing performance can have a huge impact on your building’s efficiency and monthly operating costs. At Murphy & Miller, we place a large emphasis on helping industrial buildings maximize performance while keeping utility costs as low as possible.

Here’s what our energy services entail:

  • We conduct a commercial energy audit to identify building performance problems.
  • We suggest ways to eliminate these problems and calculate the return on investment for any improvements you make.
  • We implement whichever suggestions you decide to pursue, which may include optimizing your HVAC system, replacing the ductwork, or installing an HVAC energy management system.

Once you achieve a more efficient industrial HVAC system, you may qualify for Energy Rebates with ComEd, Nicor, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas, or DCEO. We’ll help you take advantage of the rebates you are eligible for to lower your operating costs even more.

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To schedule industrial HVAC services for your Chicagoland-area building, please contact Murphy & Miller today. Together, we can make your building safer and less expensive to operate and maintain. If you’re having an emergency, please call us at 1-312-427-8900 for 24-hour service.