With over 80 years in the industry, Murphy & Miller has the expertise to offer custom HVACR.

Through the years we have built, installed, maintained, and optimized systems of all shapes and sizes, to create every type of environment. Our specialized staff will work with you to create the climate you want in your building. Once that climate is in place, we offer round the clock service, and customized maintenance agreements to preserve that habitat. We work hard to keep your equipment performing efficiently, so you can get the most out of your investments.

With dedicated dispatchers we are able to respond to weekend and holiday service calls, or any other emergency that may arrive. Employing over 70 technicians with an average of over 20 years in the industry, we can ensure the proper maintenance and care for your HVAC equipment.

From ice rinks to green houses, we’ve seen it all. No job too big or small, don’t hesitate to call—1-312-427-8900!

Custom Duct & Sheet Metal Fabrication/Design

Every heating and cooling system depends on superbly designed and implemented ductwork. If your duct system is inefficient or behind the times, updating and correctly accommodating your space can provide huge benefits in overall performance and function, as well as improving energy-efficiency.

At Murphy & Miller, our design and fabrication service professionals can help you create ductwork that is suited for your unique space, cutting out inefficient runs and ineffective duct systems. We firmly believe your systems and services should suit you, not the other way around, and to ensure you get it we put over 80 years of experience in design at your disposal.

HVACR System Maintenance

Our HVACR teams are specially trained to provide leading maintenance and services to our Chicago area clients. We can offer all of the care your system needs, including thorough component and system checks, cleaning and calibration, and even more to ensure your systems remain in peak condition for years to come.

Our service agreements are custom-created to fulfill your specific needs, offering your business a routine maintenance service that helps to avoid cost, improve performance, and reduce the risks of devastating downtime.

Additional HVACR Services

Our team excels in maintenance services for Chicago clients, but that is only a facet of what we have to offer. We can help you design and install a complete, optimized HVAC system that suits your environment and needs best, allowing you greater comfort, performance, environment control, and efficiency. With our experts, you’ll find around the clock repair service, superior installation and replacement, and custom fabrication offerings that help you equip your business with the best in the business.

Energy Evaluation and Optimization

The industry has put a huge stress on the importance of energy-efficiency as of late. And honestly, it’s for very good reason. Optimizing the efficiency of your major HVAC and cooling systems provides you with a considerable number of benefits, including government tax credit, overall energy consumption reduction, and even improved lifespans for your major HVAC equipment.

Our energy specialists and engineers offer you all of the advantages you could want by finding the best methods of improving and optimizing your energy use, and helping you formulate a plan that streamlines and updates your HVAC and refrigeration systems.

In order to optimize your business and gain the advantages you deserve, Murphy & Miller recommends:

  • Energy Audit Services
  • Consumption Benchmarking and Optimization
  • Direct Digital Controls for Monitoring and Performance Evaluation

Have a Delicate Environment in Need of Advanced Monitoring or Preservation?

Our engineers will evaluate the equipment and optimize it according to your needs. With a big shift towards energy efficiency, Murphy & Miller can save you money while reducing your effect on the environment. The government offers many lucrative incentive programs and will pay you for being conservative in your energy use. We have specialists who will help you get the most out of your current equipment, or help you with savings on new units.

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