Oil, Refrigerant & Vibration Analysis in Chicago

The air conditioners, heaters, chillers, and other HVACR equipment in your commercial or industrial building work hard to maintain the optimal operating conditions. Do you give these systems the attention they deserve? A good maintenance plan can increase performance efficiency, prolong equipment life, and help prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns.

Three critical components of your HVACR maintenance program include oil, refrigerant, and vibration analysis. Murphy & Miller, Inc. offers these services to effectively monitor the condition of critical system components without tearing your equipment apart. By learning more about what’s going on inside your machinery, you can take the necessary steps to bring performance back to an acceptable level.

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Interior of an industrial building that could benefit from an oil analysisOil Analysis

More than half of all bearing failures in chillers and air conditioning systems are caused by lubrication issues. Therefore, routine oil analysis is a critical part of any good HVACR maintenance program.

When intolerable wear conditions develop inside a chiller or AC compressor, the oil experiences characteristic changes, which can be detected during an oil analysis. A small sample is all that’s needed to discover improper viscosity, moisture, acid levels, solid residue, and other defects that point to excessive metal wear, contamination, and lubricant deterioration.

The results of an oil analysis report—combined with the knowledge of a qualified service engineer from Murphy & Miller—provide you with the valuable information you need to determine equipment condition, plan a maintenance schedule, prevent breakdowns, and maximize up-time performance.

Refrigerant Analysis

Refrigerant is the key to air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In order to work properly, it must be pure. The only way to know if your equipment is running on uncontaminated refrigerant is to have it analyzed by a professional.

At Murphy & Miller, we test recovered, recycled, and reclaimed refrigerant for problems that can lead to acid formation, high head pressures, capillary restrictions, bearing failure, and oil migration. This is an extremely valuable tool for your business, helping you to lower your future repair costs and prolong the lifetime of your equipment by identifying contaminants before they lead to system failure. Our refrigerant analysis techniques are eco-friendly and meet all provisions of the Clean Air Act.

Vibration Analysis

Almost all active machinery uses rotating mechanisms to function. Gearboxes, fans, motors, shafts, pumps, compressors, and other components are subject to high levels of vibration. Is your equipment being damaged over time by excessive shaking? The only way to know is with a vibration analysis.

This is a predictive maintenance method that allows for early detection of component faults caused by vibrations in rotating machinery. Defective bearings and misalignment are two common problems with excessive vibrations that can easily lead to system failure, bringing your operation to a grinding halt.

Murphy & Miller captures vibration readings from the machinery in your facility, which we analyze to determine whether any modifications should take place. Preemptive improvements like this can help prevent breakdowns from occurring so your operation experiences less down time.

Schedule Oil, Refrigerant & Vibration Analysis in Chicago

When it comes to choosing a commercial HVAC contractor to perform maintenance on your mission-critical equipment, you want a company with a long history of quality work and customer satisfaction. At Murphy & Miller, we have over 80 years of industry experience and have garnered an impressive list of satisfied clients in that time. If you want to enjoy affordable, effective, energy-saving HVAC maintenance services, choose Murphy & Miller the next time you need oil, refrigerant, and vibration analysis in Chicago.

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