Commercial Refrigeration Service in Chicago

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If you operate a commercial or industrial building in Chicago, your daily business operations may rely heavily on refrigeration equipment. When you need your chiller replaced, repaired, maintained, or serviced, choose Murphy & Miller. We have all the experience required to help you get the most out of your refrigeration equipment.

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Commercial Refrigerant Recovery & Storage

If you need to remove refrigerant from a chilling system and store it in an external container, we can install the equipment you need. Refrigerant recovery has improved drastically over the years. Slow, cumbersome units have been replaced with quick, lightweight equipment.

The refrigerant recovery and storage systems we install feature oil-less compressors rather than hermetic compressors of years past. This technology can handle multiple refrigerant types, improves recovery rates, offers direct liquid recovery, and eliminates the need for oil maintenance.

For commercial refrigeration services, call 1-312-427-8900. 

Commercial Refrigeration Installation & Replacement

If you’re constructing a facility that will require new chilling equipment, Murphy & Miller is here to handle the installation for you. Our professional team takes every step of the process very seriously—from sizing and selecting the equipment to performing a quality installation—so you get the high-quality, long-lasting results you expect.

Even premium commercial chillers can’t last forever. When it’s time to replace the unit in your Chicago building, our specialists will perform the task skillfully. We take the time to resize the equipment rather than simply swapping it out to ensure the best performance and energy efficiency possible.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Your refrigeration equipment works day and night to keep your walk-in freezer cold or ice skating rink frozen. If the system stops working properly, you could be left with high operating costs and business disruptions. These are signs you should call Murphy & Miller for refrigeration repair.

For your convenience, we offer 24/7 refrigeration repair services for our Chicago customers. Speedy repair helps to minimize business losses and spoiled food that can result from a broken refrigeration system.

Give us a call at 1-312-427-8900—day or night, weekend or holiday—and a qualified refrigeration specialist will dispatch promptly to your facility.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

The best way to avoid refrigeration breakdowns is to schedule routine maintenance. After all, you depend too much on your chiller to leave its performance up to chance. When you fail to maintain your refrigeration system, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Help your equipment last longer with annual refrigeration maintenance.

Commercial Refrigerant Conversion

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has initiated a phase-out of Freon refrigerant or R-22. The significant decrease in consumption allowance levels since 2013 has drastically increased the cost of R-22 refrigerant, making recharging services cost prohibitive for many businesses. By 2020, allowances will drop to 0.

If your chilling system still runs on R-22, now’s the time to convert to a cleaner, less ozone-depleting alternative, such as R-438A. We can help you choose the right refrigerant for your needs and complete the conversion process.

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Don’t trust just anyone to handle your commercial refrigeration needs. With over 80 years in the business, Murphy & Miller is certainly qualified to perform the services you require. We offer more experience and greater longevity than any other refrigeration service provider in Chicago. After all this time, we’ve never lost sight of our primary goals: to stand for honesty and integrity as we deliver a high standard of excellence to every customer we serve.

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