Rooftop Packaged Equipment Service in Chicago

Countless commercial and industrial businesses in the Chicago area rely on rooftop packaged units in order to gain the heating and cooling they need. And while these systems are certainly some of the most effective, it is the service team that provides your installation, maintenance, and more that will ensure you get optimal results from your investment.

When you are looking for superior quality and service from your HVACR provider, you can count on the licensed and specially trained professionals at Murphy & Miller to bring you the best. Our service and design team has been offering leading heating, cooling, ventilation, and energy services to clients for years, bringing you dependability you can bank on.

Murphy & Miller offers:

  • Rooftop packaged equipment design/fabrication
  • Rooftop packaged equipment installation
  • Rooftop packaged equipment repair
  • HVACR maintenance

Murphy & Miller Provides Complete 24-Hour Service

Your business operates around the clock, and relis upon the HVACR system in order to support comfort, operation, and productivity. No matter the time of day or day of the week, we make it our mission to ensure you have access to complete professional HVACR service, and so our team is on call and ready to assist any time you need us. For emergency services in Chicago, call (312) 427-8900!

Rooftop HVAC System Installation

As certified HVACR service professionals in Chicago, we can ensure the initial choosing and installation of your rooftop systems is absolutely flawless. We utilize leading technology and tools in order to assess your business’s needs, offering design and installation services that ensure you get the optimal efficacy and performance of your new rooftop system. Whether you’re seeking installation, retrofit, replacement, or custom solutions, you’ll find them with us.

Rooftop Packaged Equipment Repair

When issues arise with your heating, cooling, and air handling systems, you need to be able to rely on a team that puts your needs first. Down time and poor performance are unacceptable for your business, and so we put forth our absolute best, providing you with peerless diagnostics and repair services that focus on restoring service in your building with both precision and speed.

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Maintenance in Chicago

Maintenance services are the key way to ensure your system operates at peak function at all times. Through our rigorous system checks, thorough cleaning, lubrication, and calibration, and more you can rest assured that your rooftop packaged system will bring you the best it can.

Consistent maintenance services can:

  • Help ensure your energy-efficiency remains at peak
  • Optimize the performance of your rooftop system
  • Reduce the risks of costly downtime and repair services
  • Extend the lifespan of your rooftop system

Maintenance Agreements with Murphy & Miller

Members of our maintenance service agreements enjoy service that is prompt, effective, and tailored to meet their specific and unique needs. Our maintenance agreements offer you the thorough service and dedication you would expect from leading professionals, and with us on your side, you needn’t stress over the health of your commercial or industrial HVACR systems.

Rooftop Packaged Equipment Services in Chicago, IL

At Murphy & Miller, our dedication is to helping our clients find cost-effective and specially tailored services that help you optimize and improve your business. Since 1936 commercial and industrial businesses have relied on our team for quality and complete service, so when you need rooftop packaged equipment service, other HVACR services, or custom engineering service, trust Murphy & Miller to provide!

Our commercial HVAC company is based in Chicago and offers rooftop packaged equipment services throughout the areas of Arlington Heights, Bloomington, Chicago, Cicero, Des Plaines, East Chicago, East Peoria, Elk Grove Village, Evanston, Lansing, Naperville, North Chicago, Oak Lawn, Oak Park, Peoria, Rockford, Rosemont, and West Chicago, Illinois. We also service Gary, Indiana.