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Does the HVAC system in your commercial or industrial facility cost more to operate than you think it should? While a number of factors might be to blame, inefficient ductwork could certainly rank high on the list. Rather than allowing the problem to continue, tackle it head on with HVAC and build services from Murphy & Miller.

We’ll design new custom ductwork for your building, fabricate the sheet metal, and perform industrial ductwork installation to maximize the results. We take on both new construction and retrofit projects, so you can count on us to meet your needs no matter your situation.

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Custom Ductwork Design

The efficiency rating of your HVAC equipment plays a large part in determining how much you pay for heating and cooling, but your system will never live up to its potential if your ductwork is designed poorly. Not only is it vital to seal and insulate ductwork to prevent energy loss, but the sheet metal itself must be engineered for efficiency.

Pre-fab pieces installed haphazardly tend to result in sharp turns and meandering duct runs, especially if your building has been retrofitted or expanded since its original construction. These flaws drive up your operating costs and make your HVAC equipment work harder than necessary, leading to more repairs and replacements down the road.

Put a stop to it all with custom-designed ductwork from Murphy & Miller. Our engineering team will assess your facility and incorporate the latest energy-saving techniques into your ductwork design. With our services, you may qualify for energy-efficiency rebates, saving you even more in the long run.

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HVAC Design & Build Services

During the ductwork design process, our commercial HVAC contractors assess your existing HVAC equipment, if applicable. We’ll recommend any modifications that could improve efficiency and incorporate them into our ductwork build services.

We fabricate sheet metal for air ducts in our state-of-the-art 13,000-square-foot facility. In-house services keep costs down while speeding up the delivery process. We’re proud to employ the best fabrication crew in Chicago, who do their jobs using advanced plasma cutters, sophisticated computer software, and other vital equipment.

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Industrial Ductwork Installation

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Subsequent to the design and build process is perhaps the most crucial step: installation. We’ll get your new building off to an efficient start or replace your less effective existing ductwork with custom air ducts. We work quickly yet carefully to finish the job with minimal interruption to your daily business operations.

Once the industrial ductwork installation is complete, you can expect increased efficiency, improved HVAC performance, and noticeably lower utility bills. We can also help you apply for any rebates you qualify for after all the improvements are complete.

Custom Ductwork Design, Build & Installation in Chicago

Maximizing the efficiency of your ductwork can improve the performance of your HVAC equipment. As a result, you lower your environmental impact and improve your bottom line. In this way, HVAC and build services from Murphy & Miller pay for themselves rather quickly.

To learn more about the impact that custom ductwork can have on your Chicago building, please contact us at 1-312-427-8900 today. We have over 80 years of experience serving the commercial and industrial sectors.