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Installation, repair, maintenance, conversion, and optimization HVACR services for commercial and industrial businesses in the Greater Chicago Area…Murphy & Miller is here to help you minimize the costs associated with the ownership of HVAC mechanical systems. Our services are designed to effectively and efficiently meet your needs, and we are proud of our reputation build from years of customer dedication. If you choose to work with us for the following services, you will receive the same quality and consistency of work we have been offering our customers for more than 80 years.

HVACR Design/Build

Our skilled engineers are able to design and build systems for all commercial and industrial applications. Our HVACR systems are designed with the following features:

  • Turn-key, energy-saving designs incorporating the latest energy saving technology and utility rebates
  • Custom pipe fitting and sheet metal fabrication to lower your costs

When you work with us for your commercial or industrial HVACR design/build installation project, you will have a single point of contact from design to installation, through start-up and maintaining the new system/equipment.

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HVACR Replacement and Installation

Whether you need to retrofit your building for a new HVAC system or need a custom designed system installed, Murphy & Miller is the Chicago HVACR company to call! Our experience is reflected in the innovation brought to the redesign and retrofitting of existing systems needed today, which is a specialization of ours.

If we work for you on the updating or installation of a new system in your building, you can expect thorough:

  • Evaluation
  • Design
  • Workmanship

We will provide state-of-the-art energy control, cost efficiency, and maintenance stability.

Contact us for any need and you’ll see why Murphy & Miller has been the premier name in HVACR for over 80 years!

HVACR Repair

We have a vast history of working with HVACR systems in Chicago, and we have worked with commercial and industrial systems in a wide multitude of settings. You can be sure that if your HVACR system is broken or in need of repair, we have the experience and expertise necessary to diagnose and fix it quickly and effectively.

Having a running and correctly operating system is of the utmost importance, so in order to get you back on line fast, we offer 24 hour emergency HVACR service in Chicago. Contact us now and you’ll be back up and running in no time!

HVACR Maintenance

Nothing makes your job as a business owner or property manager harder than HVACR system failures. By signing up for one of our maintenance and inspection agreements, you can put an end to your frustration. The agreement will be specifically tailored to the needs of your commercial or industrial HVACR system.

After we check all of your system components, your system will be in peak condition. Our expert HVACR technicians will then regularly inspect and maintain it to minimize the possibility of unexpected failures.

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