Energy Management Systems in Chicago

Do you wish you knew a way to improve the performance of your commercial building? When every improvement helps to bolster your bottom line, it’s clearly worth the effort to optimize energy efficiency. That’s where an energy management system comes in. Murphy & Miller installs sophisticated monitoring and automating equipment to optimize your building’s power consumption.

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What Do Commercial Energy Management Systems Do?

The purpose of an energy management system is to streamline all unrelated functions of your Chicago building, including HVACR systems, lighting, fire suppression equipment, and security measures. Here are some of the functions an energy management system can perform:

  • Collect energy usage data
  • Monitor equipment for maintenance needs
  • Control HVACR and lighting schedules
  • Identify trouble with security or life safety systems

All the information you need about your building’s functionality is available from a central operating station. This makes it easy to monitor and make changes to different systems as needed.

Why Install a Commercial Energy Management System in Chicago?

You might scoff at the idea of replacing your building’s “perfectly good” control system, but the technology Murphy & Miller installs is much more sophisticated than ordinary systems. Using commercial energy management in your building provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption, which drives down operating costs and lowers your environmental impact
  • More practical building improvements since you can easily see where your energy dollars are going
  • A more comfortable working environment for employees without sacrificing efficiency
  • Enhanced building safety thanks to improved performance of fire detection, security, and other life safety systems
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs while balancing the comfort needs of your personnel
  • Long-lasting performance and value thanks to a system that is easy to upgrade and adapt to the future needs of your building

Commercial Energy Management System Installation Services

Due to the complexity of energy management systems, you can’t simply order the equipment you need and set it up yourself. The intricate hardware requires special training to install, though a sophisticated interface makes it easy to use once it’s set it.

Murphy & Miller installs energy management systems for commercial clients in the Chicago area. We carefully assess your building’s energy management needs and select the right technology to help you maximize your investment.

You’ll find that installing an energy management system creates the opportunity to perform an energy audit once the system has collected enough data. This opens the door to even more substantial savings once you implement the recommended changes with help from Murphy & Miller.

Commercial Energy Management System Repairs

As with any complex equipment, it’s possible for parts of your energy management system to wear out and begin performing poorly. If you notice something wrong with a sensor, timer, monitor, or another component, give Murphy & Miller a call. We are available 24/7 to perform emergency repairs when needed.

Schedule Commercial Energy Management Services in Chicago

Whether you’re interested in installing an energy management system for the first time or you need repair services for your existing system, Murphy & Miller is here for you. Our goal is to help your business run more efficiently with our commercial energy management services.

Remember, when you choose Murphy & Miller for your energy efficiency needs, you’re working with a company that boasts over 80 years of industry experience. We are confident in our ability to save your business money by helping you implement complex energy efficiency improvements.

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