Remote HVACR Monitoring System Services in Chicago

No matter what type of commercial building you own, you undoubtedly rely on mechanical systems for heating, cooling, ventilation, and/or refrigeration. What’s your current method for telling when these systems are malfunctioning or require maintenance? Without remote system monitoring, you might not detect a wasteful leak or equipment breakdown until it has already done serious damage.

Fortunately, things are different with remote system monitoring solutions from Murphy & Miller, Inc. We install and repair the equipment you need to remotely control the HVACR and energy systems in your Chicago building.

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What Is Remote System Monitoring?

If your business involves cooling a server room, keeping food frozen, ventilating a workspace, or heating the building for employee comfort in the winter, you can utilize remote system monitoring. This allows you to view, analyze, and control every aspect of your HVACR system remotely in real time. If a server room rises above the ideal temperature, AC refrigerant level drops below the recommended minimum, air filter becomes clogged, or gas leak develops, you’ll know about it right away and can take immediate action.

With remote system monitoring, you can:

  • Change temperature set-points
  • Increase a time delay
  • Update user information
  • Manually control a pump or valve
  • And much more!

Benefits of Installing Remote System Monitoring

Whether you have an on-site maintenance team or a service agreement with a commercial HVAC contractor, remote system monitoring offers tremendous benefits:

  • View real-time data from anywhere: Remote access capabilities make it possible to securely monitor and control your mechanical systems from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or Smartphone, whether you’re in the building, across town, or on the other side of the world.
  • Improve efficiency: You can catch inefficiencies thanks to the data provided by remote system monitoring, allowing you to make corrections that lower operating costs.
  • Catch problems: The system sends alerts to your email inbox whenever it detects a problem. This way, you can troubleshoot issues before they lead to costly and inconvenient breakdowns.
  • Keep up with maintenance: Automatic reports keep you up-to-date with the recommended maintenance schedule for each mechanical system.

Remote System Monitoring Installation

A traditional building management system accesses 50 to 60 data points to simplistically monitor your mechanical systems. Remote system monitoring accesses thousands of data points for a much more complete view of your HVACR equipment. Because of this high level of complexity, it’s important to leave the installation process to a professional like Murphy & Miller. We’ll carefully assess your remote monitoring needs and select the right technology to help you maximize your mechanical equipment.

Remote System Monitoring Repair

All complex equipment is subject to wearing out or performing poorly. If your remote system monitoring equipment starts acting up, give Murphy & Miller a call. We are available 24 hours a day to perform emergency repairs when needed. This way, you never experience any prolonged downtime that could be detrimental to your building’s efficiency.

Schedule Remote System Monitoring Services in Chicago

Whether you need a monitoring system installed or repaired, trust Murphy & Miller to meet your needs. With experience dating back over 80 years, you know we’re well-equipped to handle the particular challenges of your building. We provide a wide array of other commercial and industrial HVACR services to our clients across Chicago, so choose us as your one-stop-shop for all your efficiency improvement needs.

To schedule remote system monitoring services in Chicago, please schedule an appointment with Murphy & Miller today. You can contact us online or by phone at 1-312-427-8900.

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