Custom Ductwork & Sheet Metal Fabrication in Chicago

If the heating and cooling system in your commercial or industrial building costs more to operate than you would like, inefficient ductwork design could be to blame. Instead of ignoring the problem and continuing to shell out money for high utility costs, why not tackle the problem head on? All you need is a new HVAC duct design, fabrication, and installation.

Whether you want to rework your existing heating ducts or you’re starting from scratch in a new building, Murphy & Miller can take on the project from start to finish. To learn more about our sheet metal fabrication services in Chicago, contact us at 1-312-427-8900.

Custom Ductwork Design

You might assume the efficiency rating of your heating and cooling equipment is solely responsible for the amount you pay to keep your commercial or industrial building comfortable. However, the HVAC ducts play a big role as well. Not only is it important to seal and insulate ductwork properly, but the air duct runs themselves must also be designed properly. Here are some problems many one-size-fits-all ducts can have:

  • Sharp turns that don’t allow proper air flow
  • Meandering ductwork that wastes heated and cooled air
  • Ill-fitting ducts that don’t match your property’s floor plan
  • The list goes on!

These issues drive up your utility bills and make your HVAC equipment work harder than necessary. You can put a stop to all this with custom ductwork design.

Our skilled engineers can design ductwork for all sorts of commercial and industrial applications. The goal of a custom duct design is to incorporate the latest energy-saving technology to lower your utility bills and help you qualify for energy rebates. This makes custom ductwork design worthwhile whether you’re replacing an inefficient system or building one from scratch.

Want to get started on your own custom ductwork? Call us at 1-312-427-8900 or contact us online to speak with a custom ductwork design team member today!

Sheet Metal Fabrication

With the ductwork design complete, the next step is to make it a reality. At Murphy & Miller, we have access to a state-of-the-art 13,000-square-foot sheet metal department. Bringing this process in-house speeds up custom orders and keeps costs low.

Our sheet metal department features several advanced pieces of equipment, including the Vulcan 2000 plasma cutter. Combined with Vulcan Laser Cutter software, this equipment makes ultra-precise cuts used to construct ductwork to fit any space.

We’re also proud to boast the best fabrication crew in Chicago. Our sheet metal foreman has proven his aptitude after over 20 years working in the industry. He and the other experienced technicians on our crew use the advanced equipment in our sheet metal fabrication department to create the exact solution your building needs based on your HVAC system’s specifications.

Air Duct Installation

The final piece of the puzzle is to install the custom sheet metal in your building. We proudly employ experienced members of the Local 73 Sheet Metal Union to craft an installation crew of technicians who each boast 10 years of experience or more. Expert installation increases the efficiency and overall performance of your HVAC system by replacing less effective one-size-fits-all ductwork with custom heating ducts.

Why Choose Murphy & Miller?

For over 80 years now, Murphy & Miller has remained a family-run business, serving Chicago customers with affordable prices, exceptional customer service, and energy-efficient custom ductwork designs. We have experience serving a wide variety of industries, from healthcare and education to commercial real estate and retail. We’re still in business after all these years because we strive to not just meet our customers’ expectations but to substantially exceed them.

Schedule Custom Duct Fabrication in Chicago

If you’re ready to use Murphy & Miller for custom sheet metal design, fabrication, and installation services in Chicago, please give us a call at 1-312-427-8900. We’re more than happy to provide a quote for the duct fabrication services you require!

Murphy & Miller customized ductwork by sheet metal crew

Customized ductwork expertly crafted and installed by Murphy & Miller as per engineer’s specifications.

Murphy & Miller sheet metal crew workshop

M&M’s advanced plasma cutter, ‘The Vulcan 2000’ in action. Using our Vulcan Laser Cutter software, we can create the most precise pieces used to construct ductwork to fit any space.




Murphy & Miller sheet metal department

Murphy & Miller’s state of the art 13,000 sq. ft. sheet metal department.