Six Signs That You Need to Replace Your Commercial Heater

Is the bitter winter here in Chicago making your commercial or industrial facility feel colder than usual? Your heater should be able to keep up, but if the system is getting old, the time for heating replacement could be near. When the time comes, rely on Murphy & Miller for the job. Industrial heater replacement is just one of the commercial heating services we offer our customers in Chicago.

When Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Heater?

Here are the top six signs that you need to replace your commercial heater:

  • The equipment is getting old: With proper maintenance, the average industrial furnace lasts about 15 years. After this, the heater may continue to function, but efficiency takes a big hit. Start browsing your replacement options if your furnace is getting old so you’re ready to go the next time it acts up.
  • The heater requires frequent or expensive repairs: Do you find yourself calling for help every other week? Frequent repairs aren’t just inconvenient – they’re also expensive. Instead of paying for the next big repair that comes your way, retire your commercial heater and install a high-efficiency model in its place.
  • The system makes strange noises: Heaters sometimes make banging, booming, or popping sounds. Don’t ignore these odd noises because they could indicate a serious problem! Schedule a repair before you jump to any conclusions, especially if your furnace is relatively new and doesn’t break down very often. If the cost to fix the problem is steeper than you’re willing to pay, then it’s time to consider a heater replacement.
  • Your building has comfort issues: Drafty conditions or hot and cold spots could indicate a ventilation problem. This affects employee and customer comfort and could be detrimental to business operations, depending on your industry. A new commercial heater will do away with these issues once and for all.
  • Your energy bills are rising: Increased energy usage could mean something’s wrong with your heater. Start with a repair and see if your utility bills go back to normal. If steadily increasing operating costs are beginning to affect the bottom line, consider a heater replacement. The investment will start paying for itself immediately thanks to lower energy bills.
  • You have identified unsafe operating conditions: A cracked furnace heat exchanger is reason enough to replace your heating system. This problem creates dangerous operating conditions by potentially allowing carbon monoxide to leak into the building. Since the heat exchanger is such an expensive component to replace, installing an entirely new unit is usually the most cost-effective option.

Let Murphy & Miller Replace Your Commercial Heater

Our reputation for delivering excellent heating services has allowed us to stay in business for over 80 years. If you notice any of the above signs of heater trouble, trust our reputable team to replace your equipment with something better, safer, and more efficient. We’ll expertly install your new heating system and provide ongoing services to help you maximize performance and energy savings. To learn more, please contact us today!