Unit & Duct Heater Services in Chicago

Duct heaters are self-contained heating units installed in air handling systems. Some heaters are integrated with other equipment, some can be directly attached to heat pumps, fans, and variable air volume terminals, and others are used as standalone heating units mounted in air ducts.

If you think your industrial or commercial Chicago building could benefit from duct heaters, trust Murphy & Miller, Inc. to provide the services you’re looking for. We are dedicated to putting the latest technology to use in your building and we’ll take the time to design and configure your duct heaters to meet your exact needs.

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Duct Heater Applications

Air duct heaters are commonly found in industrial settings due to their versatility and affordability. They are primarily used for ventilation and comfort-heating applications, with specific uses including:

  • Primary space heating
  • Secondary space heating
  • Auxiliary heating
  • Reheating
  • Multi-zone heating
  • Air volume heating

Types of Duct Heaters

With numerous industrial applications for duct heaters, manufacturers have developed an assortment of systems to meet various needs. Murphy & Miller can help you select the ideal duct heaters for your building. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Open coil duct heaters: Fast heat up times, inexpensive replacement parts, and low maintenance requirements make open coil duct heaters among the most efficient and economically feasible units for most heating applications.
  • Tubular duct heaters: Capable of reaching very high temperatures, tubular heaters perform efficiently in heavy-duty industrial applications. They protect against electrical shock and have increased corrosion resistance for use in high-humidity environments.
  • Finned tubular duct heaters: This describes a heater with fins around its tubular elements. The fins maximize the surface area of each heating element, which helps to dissipate heat more quickly—and prolongs the element’s lifespan.
  • Explosion-proof duct heaters: This type of specialty duct heater is designed for hazardous areas, including aircraft hangars, oil drilling rigs, and flammable product storage rooms. An explosion-resistant cast aluminum enclosure protects the hardware inside and each unit is sized to fit the duct in which it’s installed.

Our Unit & Duct Heater Services

Choose Murphy & Miller for all your duct heater service needs. We provide the following for our Chicago customers:

  • Unit and duct heater installation and replacement: The importance of selecting the perfect duct heater size and specification can’t be overstated. Whether you plan to use your heater for primary heating, multi-zone heating, or another application—careful selection is vital for garnering the results you expect. Murphy & Miller will ensure your unit delivers maximum performance for the use you have in mind.
  • Unit and duct heater repair: While duct heaters are built to last, years of use may eventually lead to a breakdown. Murphy & Miller can perform the repair services you need to restore heating to your building.
  • Unit and duct heater maintenance: Avoid inconvenient duct heater failure by keeping up with recommended maintenance protocols. We can deliver the preventative services your heater needs to continue functioning all season.

Schedule Unit & Duct Heater Service in Chicago

You only want the most experienced commercial HVAC contractor to perform the services you need to keep your building warm. At Murphy & Miller, we have over 80 years of experience serving our industrial customers in Chicago. Whether you need a new duct heater installed, or your existing units repaired or maintained—you can count on us to deliver. Our loyal customers return to us for service again and again because they know we always provide top-quality results.

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